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Fit ‘n  Flair 18″ Doll Sewing Pattern Collection including Video Sewalong

The Fit ‘n Flair doll sewing pattern collection includes a Dress with two length options and the gorgeous little peplum top you can sew for your dolls with or without sleeves.  There’s also a pant pattern included so you can sew a cute little pair of shorts or and capri pants for your dolls.  I’m sure you will have fun sewing all the different options available to sew for your dolls in this doll sewing pattern collection.

Fit n Flair 18" Doll Sewing Pattern - Chris Lucas Designs

My Fit ‘n Flair doll sewing pattern includes fully detailed step by step sewing instructions with photos and lots of sewing tips.  I’ve also recorded a full step by step sewing video where you can sew right along with me to make a gorgeous sleeveless dress for your dolls.  Throughout the different steps in the pattern I’ve included links to the video that you can click on to take you to that particular step in the sewing pattern so you don’t have to watch the whole video.

The video below is the little introduction I did for the pattern in my shop.

I think my sewing pattern intro video was a fun way of introducing myself so people can actually get to meet and know me a little more. Plus it shows a variety of 18″ dolls wearing the outfits. I think my Our Generation doll looked so cute I decided to use her as the feature model on the cover of the pattern. She’s actually the latest doll to my ever growing collection of dolls as well.

I’d love to know what you think of adding in the little intro video? Do you think I should do this again when I release my next doll sewing pattern. Yes… there’s definitely more doll sewing patterns coming for our 18″ dolls.

A few photos from the pattern in my shop

I thought this photo of my dolls in the sewing studio I made for them. Let me know if you like to see more photos of my doll sewing studio. I even made them a fitting room LOL

Chris Lucas Doll Sewing Pattern Doll Sewing Video

This one has the thumbnail I made for my doll sewing pattern sewalong video on Youtube.

Fit n Flair Doll Dress Sewalong with Chris Lucas

Although it will be a couple of weeks before I get to work on my next release as my hubby and baby girl “JoJo” our dog are going away on a camping trip down to Crescent Head in New South Wales this coming Saturday… yeah!!! So excited… I love camping. Oh I’ll have to share some updates on our camping trip when we get back. I’ve learnt how to paddle board and I also have a kayak now as well. Never too old to learn new tricks LOL.

Oh if you haven’t yet subscribed to my Youtube channel be sure you do. I only have a handful of subscribers at this stage and it will be fun to see my channel grow as I add more and more videos

Chris Lucas Designs Youtube Channel

I also designed myself a new logo… I felt like it was time for a new look. I think this one came out pretty good and I’ll probably use it for awhile now as I think it will suit any sewing pattern I might release that isn’t necessarily a doll sewing pattern. Well until I get the urge to change it again 🙂

Chris Lucas Youtube Logo

I’ve got lots of sewing videos coming your way… including short and sweet sewing tips, quick sewing projects, and sewing projects for you too… not just sewing for dolls. I’ll definitely have to add in a couple of bag sewing videos as I’ve lost count of the number of bags I’ve made including leather handbags. Geez… so much has happened over the last couple of years… ah well I’ll be sure to catch you over the next couple coming our way.

On a side note I’ll also be celebrating my 53rd birthday this month on the 28th. So I’ll be another year older in years but feeling younger learning lots of new things.

Anyhows that’s probably enough for now or I’ll end up writing a novel…. I actually forgot how fun it is writing blog posts on my website as it’s been awhile. I’ll definitely be sure to update more often… hey I might even do a quick update while we’re away and share a few photos of our camp set up and where we are camping.