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Last week was a super busy week packing all the orders I received while we were on Christmas holidays and once I caught up I had fun adding new products we can use for making our bags that arrived while we were away. It was like Christmas all over again unpacking all the boxes and checking out all the bag making suppliesI had bought for us.

Here’s just some of the new products I added to the shop last week that we can now have fun with when making our bags. As you can imagine I had quite a lot of boxes to unpack when you look at what I’ve already added to the shop and I still have more to add this week. So between packing orders, creating new product listings, and making my customer’s bags as well as some more leather menu folders I’ve got another busy week ahead of me. I have to admit though I do love being kept busy.

Printed Vinyls

The printed vinyls are gorgeous and I decided to have some fun and create “Pairs Well With” images for you for a little inspiration and ideas for the various coloured hardware, zipper tapes and other vinyls that pair well with each of the prints. You’ll also find links to each of the product pairing to help make it easier for you if you are also needing or also wanting any of the coordinating products or for you to have a look in your stash to see if you have anything similar on hand that you can pair with the prints.

Here’s an example of some of the “Pairs Well With” images I created for you.

So as you can tell I really have been quite busy behind the scenes and I hope you find the “Pairs Well With” images really helpful.

Have a fab week.

Chris xx