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KAI Ultra Wheel Rotary Cutter 45mm


Kai Ultra Wheel Rotary Cutter 45mm

The soft handles create a beautiful smooth grip that are easier to use when cutting thick fabrics.  There are no buttons or clips to click or slide to expose the blade for cutting.  As soon as you position the cutter and press down to cut the blade is automatically exposed with pressure.


  • Easier to use than scissors.
  • Ideal for bag making, quilting, sewing and crafts.
  • For cutting fabric, leather, vinyl, and paper.
  • Cuts in any direction.
  • Cuts single or multiple layers of fabric with ease.
  • Cutting setting for thick or thin materials
  • The blade can be positioned for Right Handed Cutting or Left Handed Cutting.

The Kai Ultra Wheel Rotary Cutter 45mm houses a super sharp premium quality 45mm Rotary Cutter Blade ensuring you achieve a clean and precise cut.

Spoil yourself with the top of the range Kai Ultra Wheel Rotary Cutter.

This is the rotary cutter I have used for years and HIGHLY RECOMMEND for long lasting durability and precision cutting vinyl and leather for ultra clean smooth edges of your materials.

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In the video below I’m using my Kai Rotary Cutter and I share lots of tips for achieving neat smooth cuts including how I like to cut curved corners.  Notice how I don’t need to click or press any buttons when I’m cutting my materials as the blade is automatically exposed and then retracts when I finish my cuts.

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Weight .150 kg
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 2 cm

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