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Zipper Ends – Gunmetal

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Metal Zipper Ends

Zipper Ends are a perfect solution for those who want to add a special touch of class to the ends of Zipper Tapes when making bags and zipper pouches.

Zipper Ends eliminate the need to sew fabric zipper tabs and can also be used for finishing the end of cords and other materials such as thicker ribbons.

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How to attach Zipper Ends to the ends of handbag Zipper Tape, cords or thicker ribbons.

To install Zipper Ends, first, trim the end of the Zipper Tape and remove any existing zipper stops if you are using pre-made zippers.  Then, fold one side of the zipper tape towards the back and then fold the other side towards the back. Slide the folded end into the Zipper End and check to see if it fits well.  Adjust the folded zipper tape a little more if needed and then install the screw using a PH00 or PH000 size screw driver to secure in place.

Mini Screwdriver (PH000) is a really handy tool and can be found here

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Weight .005 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

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