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Mini Screw Driver Size OOO


Mini Screw Driver size OOO is perfect for setting tiny screws that come with Metal Zipper Ends, Metal Strap Ends, Clasps and other hardware that have tiny size OOO screws.

Sold individually

The mini screw driver screws apart to reveal a double ended screw driver.  All you need to do is screw the end of the screw driver you’re not using back into the top end of the tool then you’re ready to use your screwdriver.  When finished simply screw the cap (bottom end) of the screw driver back in place.  Next time you use your mini screw driver just remove the cap end and you’ll be ready to set your screws on your zipper ends or metal strap ends or other accessories such as metal clasps etc that have screws to secure them in place.

Metal Zipper Ends found here Metal Zipper Ends

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Metal Zipper Ends found here Metal Zipper Ends

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Weight .005 kg
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 1 cm

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