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SURE FUSE – Woven Fusible Interfacing – FIRM


Sure Fuse FIRM Woven Fusible Interfacing

Looking for a reliable fusible woven interfacing that adds a beautiful firm crisp structure and additional strength to your lighter weight fabrics? Look no further than this high-quality FIRM fusible woven interfacing! Sure Fuse FIRM Woven Fusible Interfacing fuses easily and effectively, ensuring that your finished projects have the durability, structure and support they need to last.

Sure Fuse FIRM Woven Fusible Interfacing is perfect for use with lighter weight fabrics, such as quilting cotton, lighter weight faux leather (vinyl) and other materials that may require some additional support and crisp firm structure.  It’s a great alternative to Decovil Light as it doesn’t gum up your needle and it’s a cheaper alternative as well.

As a professional bag maker, I use this interfacing myself to achieve outstanding results every time, and I’m confident you’ll love it too.

So why wait? Try Sure Fuse FIRM Woven Fusible Interfacing today and experience the difference for yourself!

100% Cotton – 112cm Wide
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Sure Fuse FIRM Woven Fusible Interfacing 100% Cotton – Heavy Weight

The video below will show you just how amazing Sure Fuse FIRM Woven Fusible Interfacing is when used with quilting weight cotton fabrics.

Whether you are making bags, or other sewing projects, Sure Fuse FIRM Fusible Woven Interfacing is the perfect addition to help you achieve the professional look and feel that you desire.

Sure Fuse FIRM Woven Fusible Interfacing is made using 100% cotton as the base fabric and has a tighter weave than Sure Fuse Woven Interfacing – Medium.  Both interfacing work great together also.

How to Apply Sure Fuse FIRM Woven Fusible Interfacing

Using a Heat Press:  I recommend using a Cotton heat setting (or 180 degrees) and pressing for 15 seconds.

Using an Iron:  I recommend using a Cotton heat setting and pressing each section for approximately 15 seconds to allow for the heat to melt the adhesive to ensure a strong bond between the interfacing and the fabric.

TIP:  Be sure to press and hold the iron in place when pressing each section.

Don’t iron the interfacing like you do when iron a top or a dress as this is not pressing this is ironing.  Pressing is lifting the iron and placing the iron down and holding in place for the amount of time eg in this case approximately 15 seconds.  After 15 seconds, lift the iron and place the iron down on the next section to be pressed.

NOTE:  I always do a TEST PRESS using a scrap of the material I am adding Sure Fuse FIRM Woven Fusible Interfacing to AND when using other interfacings and stabilisers as well.  This way I can test to see if I need to reduce the heat and/or the time I am pressing to adhere the interfacing or stabiliser.

Also when applying interfacing to faux leather (vinyl) or leather and even other fabrics I like to place the material on the bottom with the wrong side facing up and then place the interfacing or stabiliser with adhesive side facing down on top of the material I am adhering the interfacing to.  This way the heat from a heat press or an iron is the closest to the interfacing or stabilisers and will heat the adhesive faster than if it has to go through thicker materials.

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Weight .100 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 3 cm

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