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Vinyl Faux Leather – Smooth & Glossy Glitter – Pink Rose


Vinyl Faux Leather – Smooth & Shiny High Gloss Glitter – Pink Rose

The glitter vinyl is gorgeous!  It has a super high gloss finish and glitter is super fine and sparkly.  If you love shiny sparkly things then you’re going to love this vinyl faux leather for sure!

Perfect for making bags, key fobs, earrings, hair bows, and so much more!  Let your imagination run wild to explore all the amazing things you could make using this beautiful glitter vinyl.

PreCut Vinyl Faux Leather Rolls

  • Order 1 and receive 1 Roll
  • Order 2 and receive 2 Rolls

Measurements: Approximately 46cm x 135cm x .1mm thick

In stock

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Smooth and Shiny High Gloss Glitter Vinyl Faux Leather is wear and scratch resistant.  For additional structure you can fuse interfacing or stabiliser to the back.  To keep it domestic sewing machine friendly keep the interfacing/stabiliser out of the seam allowance to reduce bulk in the seams.

Have some fun by applying Heat Transfer Vinyl to the reverse side using either a coordinating or a contrasting colour for a fun effect for hair bows, wristlet straps, earrings and whatever else you’d like to make where the reverse side of the vinyl is visible.

1 mm thick vinyl / faux leather is domestic sewing machine friendly.  A teflon foot is highly recommended to prevent vinyl sticking to your presser foot.

Additional information

Weight .300 kg
Dimensions 45 × 5 × 5 cm

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