This is a PDF PRE-RELEASE version of my tried and tested Reversible Tote pattern. This is not the FINAL copy of the pattern.  The FINAL published copy of the pattern will have a different cover page… still tweaking it.  Yes I’m doing all of this myself… a girl of many talents 😂

All pattern testing has been fully completed with pattern testers and also with all the ladies who have taken my in person sewing classes

So many of you have been asking and wanting to get your hands on a copy of the pattern even before it is officially release… so here it and is… it’s a PRE-RELEASE copy of the pattern… plus you will also get an official copy of the PDF pattern included for free when it is published 🎉

Here’s just a few examples of Reversible Totes using my pattern. It really is a great pattern and I’ve made sure is domestic machine and beginner friendly as well. It’s also perfect for experienced bag makers who want to have some fun making a reversible tote. You can make this bag soft and slouchy or structured and all the while still being domestic sewing machine friendly 👏 you can grab your copy of the PRE-RELEASE pattern here

Here’s what’s included with the PDF PRE-RELEASE – REVERSIBLE TOTE pattern

  • SPECIAL PRE-RELEASE PRICE the price will definitely be higher when the official copy of the pattern is published… but you get it included for FREE when published.  You will need to make sure you set up an account here on my site when you purchase the Pre-Release as the OFFICIAL published pattern will be added for you automatically with the updated published pattern  ✅
  • OPTION TO PRINT FULL SIZE pattern pieces you can print the actual pattern pieces using A4 and US LETTER SIZE ✅
    • I recommend just printing the pattern pieces and using your tablet or ipad to view and read the instructions.  
  • FULL Cutting List with Measurements for EVERY Pattern piece included so you don’t need to print any pattern pieces… just use the cutting measures chart ✅
  • Written instructions and Photos to guide you  – ✅
    • May needle a little tweaking here and there.  Eg: Fix typing mistakes if I missed any, grammar if needed, add a little extra info here and there etc.  To help clarify and/or make it even easier for beginner bag makers to follow along with.
    • Video Tutorials included – ✅
  • I have included a couple of VIDEO Sewalong Tutorials including Installing a Zipper Pocket ✅


You will need to set up an account here in my shop to purchase the PRE-RELEASE Reversible Tote sewing pattern as this way when the final PUBLISHED pattern becomes available one will be added to your account and available as a PDF pattern for you to download.

So if you’re keen and want to get your hands on my PRE-RELEASE of the official Reversible Tote sewing pattern then what are you waiting for…. Add it to your cart… go on I know you want to!

You can find the pattern here REVERSIBLE TOTE

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If you have any questions at all about the PRE-RELEASE pattern you can email me via my contact page.

If you do purchase a copy of the PRE-RELEASE pattern and you need any assistance or have any questions or feedback etc you can email me via my Contact page

Thank you so much in advance for you support!
Chris 💋