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How to print your pattern – Using the nested layers feature

How to assemble your Trim-less PDF sewing pattern

Am I able to share your patterns with my friends

How to print your pattern – Using the nested layers feature

I’ve designed my multi size patterns with nested layers so you can choose to print just the size/s you want by deselecting the size/s you don’t want to print.

Download your sewing pattern and save it to your chosen folder and then be sure to open it using Adobe Reader as then you’ll be able to use the layers feature.

Note:  Opening and printing the pattern directly via the web preview window the layers feature won’t be visible and your pattern may not print to scale.
If you don’t have Adobe Reader you can get it here it’s a free program.

All my sewing patterns are designed for printing on either US Letter or A4 size paper.  For my trim-less PDF sewing patterns you choose which size paper you are using via the Layers option in Adobe Reader.

Using Layers Option in Adobe Reader - Chris Lucas Sewing Patterns
guidelines for printing A4 or US letter

How to assemble your Trim-less PDF sewing pattern

My women’s sewing patterns are trim-less PDF sewing patterns which means you don’t need to trim the pattern pages before joining them together.  Instead you simply layer the pages on top of each other and tape them together.

I’ve created a little video to show just how easy it is to assemble my trim-less PDF sewing patterns.

Each pattern page includes a transparent number to show how the order of assembly.  Pattern page numbers run across the pattern layout and the subsequent numbers follow on the row/s below. 

To join the pages lay pattern page No.1 down on a flat surface and lay page No.2 up to (but not over) the Guideline on page No.1 and do the same joining page No.3 to page No.2.  Continue joining each page following the pattern layout included in your pattern.

Tape each page together as you go.  I find it easier to join each row separately.  Once you have each row joined then join the rows together lining up the Guidelines at the top and bottom of the pages.

Be sure to check the scaling squares on the pattern before cutting your fabric!

Can I sell items made using your patterns

You are welcome to sell items you make yourself at home on a small-scale using any of my patterns.  I’d love it if you would give me Chris Lucas credit for the pattern and where possible include a link back to my website

Commercial/mass production is not permitted.  Please contact me to discuss commercial production.

Am I able to share your patterns with my friends

You may not redistribute any of my patterns, resell or giveaway copies either electronically or in printed form.  Digital products including my sewing patterns are protected by copyright laws.   You will also see a copyright notice on my patterns which will include the year and my name eg © 2016 Chris Lucas Designs all rights reserved.     

Please respect my hours of hard work designing, drafting, sewing, testing, writing sewing instructions, creating illustrations and so much more.

I’d appreciate it if you referred people to my website where they can purchase a copy of the pattern/s for themselves and I can continue to work on developing more patterns for you to sew and enjoy.